Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

Primary teeth filling

80 zł
  • Treatment of dental cavities using top quality materials.
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Primary tooth extraction

starts at 80 zł
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  • Adaptation visit50 zł
  • Primary tooth filling100-150 zł
  • Primary tooth extraction80-100 zł
  • Anaesthetic30 zł
  • Cauterization with silver nitrate (one treatment for all cavities)80 zł
  • Sealing (per tooth)100 zł
  • Expanded PRR sealing190 zł per tooth
  • Lacquering (all teeth)70 zł
  • Trepanation of the primary tooth chamber100 zł
  • Devitalisation of milk tooth100 zł
  • Vital amputation of primary tooth + filling150 zł
  • Mortal amputation of primary tooth + filling150 zł
  • Endodontic treatment of primary tooth250 zł