Dental surgery

Dental surgery

Extraction of a primary tooth

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20 zł
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  • Surgical consultation100 zł
  • Implant consulation (included in price in case of implant surgery)100 zł
  • Extraction of permanent tooth with anaesthetic (one and multiple – rooth tooth)150-250 zł
  • Surgical extraction – upper wisdom tooth350-450 zł
  • Surgical extraction – lower wisdom tooth350-600 zł
  • Retained tooth root extraction350-500 zł
  • Stitches50 zł
  • Treatment of dry tooth socket50 zł
  • Incision of abscess100 zł
  • Hemisection250 zł
  • Dressing of a tooth socket after extraction in another surgery50-100 zł
  • Mucosal excision in difficult tooth eruption100 zł
  • Tooth replantation250 zł
  • Implant2000 zł
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown on an implant2600 zł
  • All-porcelain crown on an implant3500 zł