Dental prosthodontics

Dental prosthodontics

Tooth restoration with fiberglass

400 zł
  • This treatment of strengthening and restoration of the tooth after endodontic treatment is based on rebuilding of the tooth using fiberglass to prevents secondary infection of root canals and tooth mechanical injuries.
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Partial denture

700 zł
  • Simultaneous complementation of multiple interdental gaps with partial acrylic denture.
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  • Micro – denture400 zł
  • Brigde (one point)600 zł
  • Restoration with fitting300 zł
  • Crown cementing50 zł
  • Full acrylic denture800 zł
  • Partial acrylic denture700 zł
  • Frame dentureod 1900 zł
  • Acetal denture (nylon)1600 zł
  • Splint2500 zł
  • Relining of a denture250 zł
  • Addition of a clasp100-200 zł
  • Addition of one tooth to denture150 zł
  • Porcelain fused to metal crown700 zł
  • Composite Inaly/Onlay450 zł
  • Ceramic Inaly/Onlay850 zł
  • All-porcelain crown on underlying zirconium oxide structure1400 zł
  • All-ceramic veneer1100 zł
  • Tooth restoration with fiberglass400 zł
  • Coronal root-shaped filling150 zł
  • Porcelain bridge (one point)600 zł
  • Temporary crown100 zł
  • Ceramin margin100 zł
  • Relaxing bus400 zł